America Visa Prep offers comprehensive assistance for filing various visa applications, including  B-1/B-2 (tourist/visitor visa), F-1 (student visa), K-1 (fiancé visa), marriage green card, among others. We specialize in streamlining the document preparation process, which includes translating documents, completing forms, and ensuring they are submitted to the appropriate authorities. Even the slightest errors in dates, signatures, or supporting documents can result in significant delays, potentially spanning months or even years. Let America Visa Prep alleviate this burden by providing meticulous attention to detail and expertise throughout the entire application process.


Green Card

Green card applications are commonly pursued through various channels, including marriage-based sponsorship, employment-based sponsorship, and additional avenues. While marriage and employment remain the most prevalent pathways, there are alternative routes available for individuals seeking permanent residency in the United States.


The most frequently utilized visa categories include the Business/Tourist visas (B-1/B-2), Work visas (H-1B), and Student visas (F-1). These visa classifications represent the common pathways for individuals to enter the United States for business, tourism, employment, or educational purposes. However, it is important to note that there are numerous additional visa types available, each encompassing distinct specifications and requirements to cater to specific circumstances and objectives.

Extension/Change of Visa

Within the United States, individuals have the option to pursue visa extensions or modifications in their visa type. This allows for the continuation of stay or transition to a different visa category while remaining within the country's borders, in accordance with the applicable immigration laws and regulations." 

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